Artichoke Design, LLC
Landscape Architecture
Artichoke Design LLC
       …a unique site design company.

Our philosophy on design is it needs to be functional and
easy to maintain, or it will not last.

Aesthetics follow function. We find out all of our clients'
possible functional needs for the design so it will be a
lasting, beautiful property.  Many times we find additional
needs than what the client first requested. Multi-functional
designs are the most lasting...with the right design you will
build it once.

Plants are our passion! We know the perfect plants for your
project’s unique site conditions. A plant that does not
require additional water or pruning will be a low-
maintenance plant that grows in place beautifully.
We have a variety of design experience that creates a
sense of Place for each project
  • Lighting for safety as well as ambiance.
  • Roof Garden, green roof or green wall design
  • Xeriscape landscape or Rain Garden
  • Urban sites must be also vandal-resistant.
  • Rural areas include only Deer resistant plantings,
    these often are native plants.
  • Native plants - several are evergreen and very
 and help the local Eco-system, including  
 pollination and mosquito control.

All our designs are low-maintenance, require minimal
water, often include native plants, have 4 seasons of
color and interest and fit the various needs our clients.
Many ways we add interest to a plain site is to create
different levels, using a variety of materials such as tinted
concrete, natural stone, textured plants, and contrasting
colors. We always tie the indoor decor with the outdoor
color palette or other continuous element such as

We are located in Montgomery County, PA.